HALO Staff Training: Cultivating A Culture of Inclusivity

Join us in celebrating Pride Month! At HALO, we welcome LGBTQ+ youth of all gender expressions and identities. We strive to make HALO a culture of inclusivity and love for all HALO youth.

Did you know?

40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ+

In order to educate staff so that they can effectively serve our HALO youth, HALO Program Facilitator Alayna Howard, led a professional development around best practices for creating an inclusive culture. Alayna provided a few statistics that stress the pressing nature of providing support and safe housing to homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Alayna shared that 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ+ and of that population a staggering 60% are likely to commit suicide.


Last Summer, Officer Kim Shaw-Ellis, LGBTQ+ and Diversity Liaison for the Kansas City Police Department, shared statistics that further indicate the support needed for LGBTQ+ youth in our communities. Kim shared that nearly 7 out of 10 homeless youth indicated that family rejection was a major factor contributing to homelessness. Furthermore, more than half of respondents indicated that abuse in their family was also a contributing factor to homeless.

At HALO, our aim is to help one child spend one less day alone. We provide the community and guidance of a family that so many homeless LGBTQ+ youth have been denied. As a staff, we actively commit to practices that Officer Kim taught us last summer of listening without judgment, validating a person’s identity and advocating for the rights of HALO LGBTQ+ youth. 


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