HALO Stories: Episode #1 "Marjai"

HALO launched its first short documentary episode that will become a series to amplify young voices of homelessness. The first short episode is called Marjai.

“HALO provides housing, healing and education to thousands of homeless and at-risk children around the world,” said HALO Founder and CEO Rebecca Welsh. “Marjai’s powerful story is one of many we can share of HALO kids who had one chance to make a change, one person to turn to or one volunteer who stepped up. Just like that, their life’s trajectory positively changed forever.”

Marjai joined HALO when she was 10 years old while staying in a homeless shelter and participating in HALO therapeutic art programs.

“HALO caught me at just the right time. It was definitely the first step for me in being more open to love and the first safe space for me to really just be me,” said HALO Alum Marjai. “I’m so grateful that I got to experience HALO at a young age.”