HALO Thanksgiving And November Volunteers of the Month

The word Thanksgiving probably makes you think of great food, family time, and togetherness with people you love. For many of our HALO kids, it instead evokes memories of times they didn't have enough to eat or that their family wasn't together at all. We want to make sure that our kids get to see the other side of this special day and get to experience moments of fullness, the fullness of joy, and great food. Each year at all our HALO locations, we are truly amazed at the generosity of volunteers and local businesses who agree that every kid should get the chance to love Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, they are the ones we are thankful for.

At our HALO Boys Program in Jefferson City, our boys got to enjoy their fill of delicious Sweet Smoke BBQ. Sweet Smoke was so generous to donate the entire meal for the second year in a row. Our boys were able to eat all they wanted, and laugh together in a warm home filled with people who genuinely care about them. Thanks Sweet Smoke BBQ! You are one of our November Volunteers of the Month!

We are so thankful for the amazing Courtney Filling and our incredible Kansas City Advocate Board, who prepared, packaged, and delivered meals to 50 kids all around Kansas City. They ensured that even though kids couldn't gather together, they had full bellies and full hearts, knowing that many people at HALO loved them. The preparation, packing, and delivery was no small feat, yet these sensational ladies did every bit of it with smiles on! Thank you, Courtney and the Kansas City Advocate Board! We are so grateful for you, and you are some of our November Volunteers of the Month!

At the HALO Girls Home in Jefferson City, we make sure everything is beautiful for our Thanksgiving meal together. Our HALO girls receive special invitations to dinner and we make sure they know we set a place for them because they matter to us. Each year, our local HyVee is quick to make sure we have enough delicious food for all of our girls to eat more than enough, and for our HALO Alumni to stop by for a meal for themselves and their families. We can't thank HyVee enough for seeing the power of a great meal and kids who know they're loved. Thanks, HyVee! You are one of our November Volunteers of the month!

We know we have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for sweet kids all around the world who we get to know as family. We are thankful they found HALO where they will always know they are loved. We are thankful for incredible volunteers that see the power of their time and compassion. We are thankful for the generosity of our donors and businesses that believe in the HALO Mission, and we are thankful for the opportunity to make happy memories with the kids who need it the most. You can become part of the difference for kids around the world as a HALO Volunteer by signing up here today.