HALO Uganda on Accountability

This month, our HALO Uganda Team met with the mentors from our 7 homes to discuss our mission in the spirit of the March life skill of the month, accountability. The team reflected on the criteria of vulnerability we employ before accepting youth in the homes to ensure that we are serving youth in the greatest need. This is an important topic in Uganda because there are so many children living in poverty.

55% of children ages 0-4 and 38% of children ages 6-17 are living in poverty.

This combined with the lack of education in the country make children vulnerable to social, sexual, and economic exploitation. They are being left unprotected and without access to basic services because of weak and uncoordinated child protection services.

HALO seeks out those most affected by these circumstances. Our homes provide housing, healing, and education in order to combat the odds stacked against the children of Uganda.


 “We give them a shelter with food and water, but we also give them a sense of belonging, a home, and a family.”

Brenda – Lungujja Home Mentor


“We want to give these kids the means to a future when they did not have the opportunity to get one before.”

Justice – Bukesa Home Mentor


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