Home For The Holidays

It can be very difficult for our kids as they watch their peers go home to their families over the holiday break to share in traditions they can only dream of enjoying. That is why this time of year is very special for us as a HALO Family. Together, we can ensure that our HALO kids are given a holiday season they will remember. HALO is their home for the holidays, which means we celebrate around the table with turkey, ham, and homemade pies. We share traditions that we grew up with so they can choose what traditions they would like to begin with their own family one day. We gather their wish lists for under the tree, and we do our best to make sure their wishes come true. Each gift is wrapped with love, and when they are opened, it is truly magical.

This type of support can only happen with the generosity that comes from our HALO Family. Please consider a year-end gift this holiday season and give a gift of hope for over 3,000 children in need. Thank you for your support.

Get Involved

Would you be willing to help make this a special holiday season for our kids? Find out how you can provide the  gift of a special holiday experience,  our most needed items, or a gift card for a specific holiday need.

Give A Gift That Gives Back


Introducing the new Monstar X Negris LeBrum Collaboration with 10% of total sales benefitting HALO!

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Areas To Support

This Holiday Season, your contributions power three key areas.

Sponsor A Holiday Tradition

At HALO, we provide the foundation of a family for kids without one. To us, that means being a family in the seasons that matter most. During the holiday season, we spread joy and kindness to our current youth, and alumni. We work to create positive holiday memories, and provide tangible items that our youth can use to meet their basic needs. Sponsor a holiday tradition to help make this a special holiday season for our kids.

Home For The Holidays

HALO believes every child should have the support of a family. We provide housing, healing and education to at-risk and homeless children. Everyone can think of that one moment in their life that changed everything. It’s the moment that made you who you are today.

For more than 3,000 kids around the world, HALO is that moment. At HALO, we give our kids a home in which hope can emerge from hardship. And where drawings about their past unlock dreams about their future. We work wherever kids who have been abused, abandoned, and orphaned, need to feel loved. We work to help one more child spend one less day alone. #LoveHeals.

HALO supports thousands of kids around the globe. Since 2005, we have rescued children in the most desperate situations. Learn what love means to our kids and make an impact in the lives of HALO children.


Be One More Every Month​