HALO’s Program Director, Lacy Voight, Speaks at The People to People Global Youth Forum


On Wednesday, November 5th, The HALO’s Foundation’s Program Director Lacy Voight spoke at the 2014 People to People International Global Youth Forum. The Global Youth Forum was designed to expose youth ages 13-18 to different ideas, cultures and people. The theme for the 2014 summit was “Learn to Serve, Serve to Learn.”

Lacy spoke to the attendees about having a career in service. Lacy’s background in photography and art was what initially brought her to HALO. Starting as a volunteer Art Director, she realized that her passion for HALO was abundant. Lacy, artistic by nature, spoke about the importance of creativity. Not everybody has a knack for the arts, but everybody has some form of creativity. When somebody states, “I’m not a creative person,”that person is in fact hindering his or her own personal creativity. Lacy stressed the necessity to find what you are passionate about and use that passion to help serve others along with yourself.

We are grateful to have Lacy Voight as part of the HALO family and are excited that she was able to share her passion for HALO with young minds.