Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

HolidayTributeCard-2DEAR HALO FAMILY,

This past year has seen much growth, and we are so grateful to you as part of our HALO family for allowing us the opportunity to expand our programming to serve even more youth in the greatest need. Thank you so much!

With our new Moroccanoil partnership, we awarded a full scholarship to our talented Kansas City HALO youth, Jasmine, who can now pursue her dreams in cosmetology. She begins school in 2015.

Through our new transitional living program in Jefferson City, we have given stable homes to three homeless teenagers like Katy who is a mother also caring for her young son. Because of the support of the HALO family, Katy and her son now wake up in the same place every day, and she no longer has to worry about how to find food to eat, or diapers for her child. She does not live in fear of abuse to herself or her child, and she can get the medical care that they both require.

Also this year, we have started to fully support the Kibuli home in Uganda for boys like Samuel who at 9 years old was completely alone and living on the street. Now, as a member of the HALO family, he has a place to live, food to eat, care takers, “brothers” who love him, and he is getting an education.

The stories of how your love and commitment have lifted up these youth in the greatest need are plentiful, and we are so honored that you have given of yourself to help them become contributing members of their communities.

We ask that you consider joining the “White Envelope Movement.” A gift of giving can make a world of difference and will allow us to continue growing the HALO family where we can help even more youth in the greatest need.

Thank you for your generosity and for being a supportive family to the youth we serve at HALO.

With Warmest Holiday Wishes,

Rebecca Welsh

Founder, The HALO Foundation