Tips to Manage Stress

Health Life Skill Featured Speaker Victor RobertsEach month HALO focuses on a different life skill. For November, it’s all about health. During our monthly staff meeting, Victor Roberts of Darling Yoga served as our featured guest speaker and spoke on stress management. He shared the importance of managing stress before a stressful situation hits and to develop a mental awareness that allows you to react. His presentation was extremely impactful. He shared the following tips that anyone can benefit from when approaching stress:

  • Think before your lips move or say anything. Breathe in, close your lips to regain the situation.
  • Bring your posture to a neutral seat and adjust your presentation. Within your new posture, take in a deep breathe again.

You use your body as a tool in the moment of stress. Bring your true self into situations versus the other way around. It’s important to train yourself to not react.


And for those that work with children or have children of their own, he shared the importance of recognizing each child as a teacher. Great advice!

Thank you Victor for serving as our guest speaker. We also appreciate Victor and Darling Yoga for allowing our HALO Center youth to attend yoga. Our kids absolutely love yoga and are learning so many life long skills.