Health: November Lifeskill

This month at HALO, we’re talking about staying healthy!

This week we talked to our kids about eating healthy foods. One way we do this is to encourage our kids to eat like the rainbow. Eating lots of fruits and veggies, of all colors of the rainbow, means our bodies are getting lots of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and minerals help keep our hearts healthy, they help our bodies fight off sicknesses, and they help us feel stronger and have more energy throughout the day. To help us remember this, even more, we made art using some foods that are part of the rainbow! Instead of using a paintbrush, the kids created beautiful colorful art using a few examples of healthy foods.

Oranges have lots of Vitamin C, which keeps our bodies strong and helps keep us from getting sick. Lemons and limes are the same, and all three of these also have calcium, which is good for our bones. Broccoli is a green vegetable and is high in protein(which makes us stronger), potassium(which is good for our muscles), and is made almost entirely out of water, so it also helps us stay hydrated!

This is one way that #ArtDoesGood at HALO. It helps us teach kids to think about their health, while also giving them time to be creative!

A new gym was finished this fall to help our girls stay happy and healthy, at the Jefferson City Girls Home. One of the girls mentioned how self-conscious she got working out, so our program interns wrote some words of affirmation on the mirrors!
In addition to the gym, a new Book Club Area was created, the girls’ rooms were renovated, and we have new desks and chairs in for our team. Our next projects include the kitchen space, a staff break area, a workstation, and the downstairs common area.

As part of our November lifeskill, HALO youth in KC are starting off Health Month with yoga and meditation with instructor Bri. With HALO resources, yoga class was safely held virtually and with everyone wearing masks. 

COVID19 has effected many people, including our HALO Youth, and not everyone has been able to have access to PPE. The Kansas City Health Department provided HALO with 400 masks (disposable, cloth, child’s and adult’s sizes) They also gave us two of these great “handshake-free zone” signs!

This donation will go a long way toward helping keep our kids, staff and volunteers as safe as possible and it will help us continue to reach youth during these difficult times.

The HALO youth at the Kibuli Boys’ Home in Uganda prepared for a vegetable garden this fall. Through hard work, they invest time into learning how to plant and tend to the garden. This lifeskill activity was designed to help them heal, learn, and grow.

This month, one of HALO’s goals was to teach nutrition, health, and balanced diets with all of our youth. With the help of Sarah, our Health Coordinator, our Uganda girls and boys got some nutrition training.

On the right, is Sarah at the Lungujja Girls’ Home during the lesson and on the left, she is talking at the Kibuli Boys’ Home.

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