Holiday Celebrations in Uganda

Every time we see our kids in Uganda and learn about their stories, we are reminded of the importance of HALO for every one of them. That is never more true than during the holiday season. When our Uganda kids were asked for a holiday wishlist, most of the girls asked for backpacks and suitcases, and the majority of the boys asked for an outfit to wear for Christmas or new shoes. Other requests were for photo albums, a new dress, a pair of sweat pants, and a jean skirt. We were truly honored to grant those simple, beautiful wishes. Pictured to the right are Joshua and Tony in their new outfits.

To celebrate the holidays, the Learning Center hosted over 70 children from the Kosovo slums to enjoy a Christmas movie, a special meal, and games. The definite hit of the day was a bounce house, where the kids were able to enjoy some time just being kids.

Photos like these leave us with no words other than thank you. Thank you to every donor and every supporter of the HALO Mission that helps these kids, and kids just like them around the world, have moments where they get to be kids. Thank you for making their holiday wishes come true, and thank you for filling their bellies. Thank you for believing in them, and helping us show them they are loved through days with bouncy slides in clean new outfits. Thank you for helping one more child spend one less day alone. Make sure that these kids keep having magical days and warm meals by becoming a HALO Tribe Member. Together, we can change the future for the children who need it the most.