How to sign up multiple kids with only one email on ClubHALO

In order to log in and receive emails from, every ClubHALO member needs to sign in using a unique email address. For families with multiple kids but only one parent/guardian email address, ClubHALO Admin is providing a few options to make sure every compassionate kid or teen can join ClubHALO.

Option 1

Consider using your secondary email or work email address. You can forward emails from to your personal email to keep everything in one place.

There is an option to unsubscribe from emails, which won't interfere with logging in with said email address.

Option 2

Most email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook) allow catchall emails. This involves using an email address and adding a '+' afterwards with additional text. The "new" email will go to the same inbox.

For example, the email [email protected] has three kids, Sam, Joey, and Sarah. She uses her email for Sam, [email protected] for Joey and [email protected] for Sarah.

Option 3

If there is no email address that works by following either Option 1 or 2, you can create a Google account. After starting a Gmail account, follow Option 2 dependent on the number of world changers wanting to log in to

If you need help with either signing up for ClubHALO or logging in, feel free to email [email protected] with your questions.