#HumansOfHALO – Meet Nicole!

Nicole Gerken – Director of Operations

Nicole GerkenI believe in HALO youth because I know they are destined to do great things, they just need the confidence in their individual abilities. This act is contagious. You believe in them, they benefit greatly. Then they believe in someone else, and the cycle of “good” in the world continues. Believing in yourself and others is incredibly powerful and forever impactful.

What’s your favorite HALO moment?

The strong energy of a volunteer and seeing them take full ownership of an idea or project. I know it will make a difference and lead to great things for our HALO youth, plus as a perk, it will provide personal growth.

What do you hope to see for HALO in 10 years?

Crazy success supporting thousands of youth around the world. Strong, impactful partnerships with individuals, organizations and corporations as well as monthly national/global press and annual HALO youth alumni reunions. Continued international growth in Uganda, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, India and other countries plus incredible local growth in Kansas City, Jefferson City, Portland and New York. I can also see more passionate volunteer grassroots efforts across the world supporting HALO youth; and the Headquarters team doubling in size.

What do you do when you’re not helping HALO?

Being a mother to my four year old son; In-home personal training for Advanced Fitness Consulting; Marketing freelance; Training for half and full marathons; Yard work.

What do you hope to see for the world in 10 years?  

World peace. It sounds cheesy, I know. I truly want to see a safer world. Everything seems so unstable right now. I wish to see more kindness and empathy. And more people taking action to make things right.

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

Positano, Italy; Rome; Greece; Croatia; Spain; Grand Canyon; Niagra Falls; Martha’s Vineyard; Big Sur; Travel back to New York and London with my husband.