I Am More

HALO Founder Rebecca Welsh writes:

“Dignity is the state of being worthy of respect. We are all born with it. It is that voice inside us that tells us are worth more than we sometimes think we deserve. Many times for our kids, their dignity is all they have. Its the voice inside of them whispering that the way they are being treated is not ok.

For Laura, it was the moment her meth-addicted mom was screaming for the one-millionth time, “You ain’t gonna be nothin’. None of us are. You were born a nobody.” Right there, in that moment, as Laura heard her mother yell that in her face, she had to choice to make. She had to mute the voice of her own mother and tune in to the voice inside her pleading, “This is not true. I deserve more. I am more. I am more. I am more.”

Her dignity was holding on for dear life.

Laura later made the extremely difficult choice to leave the only home she had known. A “home” where she was completely neglected, left alone for months at a time, surrounded by drugs and alcohol, and sexually abused. She chose a BRAVE, better life for herself where her possibilities were endless and she had love and hope surrounding her for the first time. She lived with HALO for almost 2 years.

We all have that voice. In those difficult moments when you are being disrespected, listen to your dignity. Close your eyes just for a second, listen to it whisper, “I am more.” And then hold on to it for dear life.”