This past February, HALO facilitated another installment of iEmpathize, which teaches youth how to tell the difference between a positive or exploitative relationship in their lives. iEmpathize also explores how powerful empathy can be, as it implies action against the exploitation of others. Activities during iEmpathize included discussing negative pulls and the disguises people can wear in exploitative relationships, as well as what we might push someone into a negative place in their lives.



Pictured above are two art projects the youth created. The one on the top, The Black Hole Activity, allowed for youth to express their own personal negative pushes and possible negative pushes for others when it comes to being “pushed” into exploitative situations or relationships. Some of the negative pushes our youth came up with were bigotry/racism, mental/physical abuse, gangs and homelessness.

The one on the bottom, Push Away From Negative Pulls, includes advice from HALO youth to other youth in what they could do when faced with the disguises individuals wear, and signs to look out for. Some advice our youth came up with were pay attention to body language, you deserve love without strings attached, listen to your gut, and pay attention to the words they are saying – anything threatening is not okay. We are so proud of our HALO youth using empathy to help other youth in their situation. Like us on Facebook for more updates on HALO programming.

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