Inspiration in New York for the Inspire Luncheon

HALO and Moroccanoil presented the Inspire Luncheon at The Standard in New York on November 3rd.

Welcoming guests from all around the country, this thoughtful discussion about service and giving back was led by Jenna Lee, journalist and founder of SmartHER News.


These are kids who are resilient beyond anything we could imagine. But to be resilient, they need us to step up and support them through their best days and their worst days. To give them the chance to change their trajectories. That is what today is about.
Rebecca Welsh, HALO Founder

The event began with a heartwarming and emotional update from HALO Alum, Marjai, who spoke on how HALO has supported her to reach her full potential. A current senior in college with a full-ride scholarship majoring in journalism and Black studies, Marjai thanked HALO and HALO supporters for believing in the "little girl from Kansas City with really big dreams."

The program continued with an inspiring dialogue between Nigel Barker, Photographer, and TV Personality, and HALO Alum, Madison. The conversation began with Madison talking about her story, and how she found HALO through art programming that came to a shelter she was in. Nigel and Madison shared stories of how art has been therapeutic throughout both of their lives, including Nigel's family life.

Jenna Lee welcomed a full panel of people up to the stage to join Nigel and Madison in sharing how they are making a difference through giving back. Jack Barker, Nigel's son and creator of Monstar, talked about how important it is to make giving a part of your everyday life, especially as a kid. Carmen Tal, the founder of Moroccanoil, spoke on her passion for HALO and supporting youth and kids all around the world. Nicole Miller, fashion designer, stressed the value of bringing philanthropy into companies and businesses. Nigel Barker shared how to incorporate giving back into your family culture. Madison, HALO Alum, spoke on how even the simplest acts, like opening the door for someone or listening to someone's story, is a huge help in making the world a better place. Rebecca Welsh, HALO Founder, and Jenna Lee concluded the event by sharing with guests the variety of ways they can give and make a difference - through time, talent, and treasure.

Change the trajectories of youth like Marjai and Madison by giving back today.

Thank you to all the guests and panelists for taking the time to attend the Inspire Luncheon.

Additional thanks to The Standard for hosting the event, Jenna Lee for moderating the event, Andrew Werner for photographing the event, and Moroccanoil for partnering with HALO and organizing the Inspire Luncheon.

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