The Steadfast Integrity of a Mother’s Love


HALO Founder Rebecca Welsh writes:

“Oh, sweet baby Rosalie, if I say one thing to you, it is that you are loved.

When your mama found out she was pregnant with you, she made the decision to put your life before her own. She gathered up every drop of strength she had inside her to quit taking drugs so you could be the healthy, precious baby you are. Because she had integrity, because she did the right thing even when nobody was watching, because she chose you over anything else in this world, you were born a healthy, beautiful baby girl with crazy red hair. And now you have a mama with a heart bigger than the sun who looks at you like the world has stopped, and you are the only thing in it.

Welcome to the world Rosalie. We have been holding our breaths waiting for your arrival. Congratulations Mama Amy. Our hearts have grown watching your example of integrity, your example of determination, your example of a mother’s love.”

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