International Night at BLOOM: Highlights of the Event in NYC

HALO youth collaborated with Slag Gallery and 31 International artists to create our most powerful HALO art show to date. The exhibit opened on Nov. 4 and anyone can bid from anywhere in the world until Nov. 18 at 5 p.m. EST.

150 people attended the event and supported the artist’s who brought the children’s original art pieces to life. HALO’s founder, Rebecca Welsh, gave an inspiring speech about the children and how much this support can help the youth.

Art Gallery Photo15037088_10154053808126824_7868935587045541959_nThis child inspired this artist

Before the event, Salma Hayak and Bryce Dallas Howard both shared their support via social media. Salma Hayak was also featured in an exclusive interview with People Magazine speaking on behalf of the BLOOM event and HALO Mexico.



View the online portfolio to view the 30+ pieces of art.


Mobile bidding extended to Nov. 18th 5PM EST

Click here to bid on artwork.