January Volunteers of the Month

82% of HALO is made up of volunteers and interns, meaning that HALO heavily relies on the amazing people that donate their time to HALO.

Our January Volunteer of the Month In Jefferson City is Ryan!

Ryan has been working closely with our JC Boys Program, spending time with the boys every week and ensuring that there are meals available for the boys on Wednesdays. Ryan is a great example of how HALO volunteers build reliable and essential relationships with HALO youth, just like a family would.

If you want to be like Ryan and provide a warm meal for HALO youth, hop aboard our Meal Train.

HALO Meal Train

Our January Volunteer of the Month in Kansas City is Theresia Ritchie!

Theresia has donated snacks to the Kansas City Learning Center for over 4 years. As someone who has children of her own, Theresia recognizes the impact that filling our HALO Pantry has on the youth that come to the Learning Center.

These snacks are used to fill powerpacks that kids can grab when they are in need of some extra food support. At HALO, we want to create a safe environment where HALO youth can focus on art workshops rather than on when their next meal will be. Theresia has constantly been filling this need for HALO youth in the greater Kansas City area.

Thank you, Ryan and Theresia, for showing up for HALO youth and providing the foundation of a family for kids who need us the most.

You, too, can show up for HALO youth. Join our mighty team of HALO Volunteers today!

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