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For homeless children in Jefferson City, HALO represents far more than food and shelter. It represents the day their entire life changed. At the JC HALO Girls Home, our doors and hearts are open to pregnant, parenting, and non-parenting girls ages 16-21, and their children, who are in homeless or high-risk situations. If you or someone you know needs housing, please apply now by completing our Housing Inquiry Form.

Providing the foundation of a family means we not only give homeless kids a safe place to sleep, we teach them how to make their bed every morning.

That’s just one of hundreds of little how-tos most kids learn from their parents or grandparents. HALO kids learn them here in order to take on a wide spectrum of needs, from simply surviving the night, to surviving their first job interview, to thriving on their own as successful young adults.

HALO holds the potential for a total reversal of fortune, because the homeless children and teens we work with don’t just exceed expectations, they defy the odds.


Are you a teen boy in need of a safe place to hang out? Call/text us. 573-415-8773

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The HALO Jefferson City Boys program is a safe place of healing and hope and puts at-risk and homeless teen boys on a path to a positive future. Through tutoring, connecting with male role models, life skill development, healthy relationship building, and recreational activities, these boys have the potential to do great things in our community.

This program takes place in a home surrounded by 6 acres of land and connects male teens to resources year-round, provides a home cooked meal and is open during the after-school hours of Monday-Thursday 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. and hosts Summer activities.

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