Jefferson City Country Club Annual Dinner

One of our favorite HALO Holiday traditions in Jefferson City is our annual dinner at the Jefferson City Country Club. We love it because we get to help our current HALO kids and HALO Alumni look and feel their very best, and we get to take them somewhere they haven't been before. Generous stylists donate their time and talent to ensure our girls' hair and makeup are done professionally for our girls home. This year, the talented Tarra McDaniel helped our already beautiful girls shine. Our kids each get to choose a special outfit to wear to dinner, the first semi-formal event many of them have ever attended. We had the opportunity to discuss manners and etiquette in a real-life setting and enjoy some truly delicious food together.

Each year, HALO Founder Rebecca Welsh asks each attendee to talk about what they are thankful for and what they learned in the past year. Resoundingly, our kids stated they are grateful for HALO, the family they found there, and the people from HALO who have believed in them. What they learned always teaches us something about what is important, as they talk about seeing their potential and strength in ways they never thought possible. It is easy to see why it is our favorite night as it fills our cups and reminds us how important the work of HALO is because the kids of HALO are truly sensational human beings. You can make a difference in the lives of these kids and kids like them all around the world as a HALO Tribe Member. Click HERE to learn more.