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In 2013-2014 HALO conducted a homeless youth research project. Through agency and school partnerships we identified 135 teenage youth in Jefferson City who are homeless. Their homelessness can be caused by many different circumstances, such as: their parents being incarcerated, death, drug addiction, abuse, etc. Youth in these situations have very few options. Sometimes they can live with a relative, but most end up sleeping on random couches, in their cars, or even in local parks. Very few resources for homeless minors exist in Jefferson City. HALO’s mission is to support youth in the greatest need and fill gaps in the community. Therefore, HALO started a housing for teens in homeless situations.

The HALO Home provides housing for up to 24 month to pregnant, parenting, and non-parenting youth ages 16-21 years old who are in homeless or high-risk situations. HALO defines homeless youth as, “minors who are not involved in the foster care system and cannot live with their biological parents due to situations such as: parents being incarcerated, addicts, physically or emotionally abusive, who take no physical or financial responsibility for their children, or parenting teens who are not welcome to in their parents’ home due to financial burdens or religious beliefs”.The goal of the HALO Home is to help youth get out of “crisis mode”, set long-term goals for themselves, and learn how to live independently.

The HALO Home provides children of parenting teens a safe and stable living environment and assistance in securing daycare. Youth who are accepted into the program are required to finish high school with a diploma (if they have not already done so), and seek and obtain part-time employment while they are in school. Youth who have graduated from high school must either obtain full-time employment or start college classes. Youth are required to participate in life-skills workshops, which are aimed at teaching them how to live independently. Parenting youth are required to take weekly parenting classes. HALO staff work with youth on 7 main focus areas: Education, Employment, Financial, Parenting/Relationships, Health, Spiritual, and Transportation. Each youth meets weekly with HALO Staff to work on their goals and assess their progress throughout the program.


HALO Jefferson City empowers youth to graduate from high school and become successful members of their community. We provide Future-Focused art programs, Professional Development, and Like Skills Programs to low-income and at-risk youth in Jefferson City. HALO currently teaches programs at the Jefferson City Academic Center, the Jefferson City High School, the Rape and Abuse Crisis Shelter, and to youth living in the HALO Home. HALO Jefferson City will serve over 300 youth this year.

Need help? Call or text 573-418-9912 or email laurenbateman@haloworldwide.org.


HALO Coffee Connect @ the HALO Home!

When? March 23, 2017
Where? 3519 Bennett Lane
Time? 7:30 AM- 9:00 AM

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To learn more about how you can get involved and make a life-changing difference for homeless children in Jefferson City, please contact Crystal Burgan.




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3519 Bennett Lane
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 418-9912
Crystal Burgan, Director