July Life Skill of the Month “Respect”

July is the month of “Respect” here at HALO! We practice respecting others as well as ourselves in many ways throughout the month. We kicked off our monthly staff meeting with a presentation on trauma by our HALO Center 10492307_693256207408907_5772427387982943801_nFacilitator Aubony Chalfant. The team learned about the different ways trauma can affect the brain and how those impact behavior. Receiving this training was critical information when it comes to helping us understand and respect our youth and the backgrounds they each come from. These are skills that will continue to help the team encourage that same respect in themselves and their peers.


As we all gear up for the Annual Kansas City Youth Fashion Show, HALO seeks to help our youth focus on self-respect. The Fashion Show’s slogan is, Be YOUtiful, Be YOUnique, Be YOU! It’s a theme that encourages confidence and individuality as each youth works hard to create his/her own look for the runway. They pick out starting materials from thrift stores and then they design, sew, and glue them together until they have created something they can call their own. The hard work pays off on the night of August 6th when the kids will hit the runway in unique outfits that all represent the person wearing them. The show starts at 7pm and the entire HALO respectfamily hopes to see you there for this magical and inspiring event!