June Volunteers of the Month

With the school year wrapping up, we want to extend an extra thank-you to the HALO Haven volunteers who supported our youth through their virtual learning this year! We are so grateful to have volunteers that take the time to form positive relationships with our kids.  They appreciate you more than you know!

Thank you to our Kansas City Volunteers of the Month, Bob Daum, Matt Turner, Nik Melton, Wendy Gish, Ashley Cerrentano, Luis Blanco Vasquez, Neha Mahajan, Amy Scharosch, Amber Livingston, and Ayah Zobi. Because of all of you, students were able to graduate high school, pass classes, and have a path to a positive future.

Our volunteers help people like Christopher become the best students they can be. Christopher started coming to HALO Haven in December and graduated with all A's and B's recently this year!

HALO believes every child deserves to have an education.  When our kids succeed academically, it ensures they have the foundation to support their growth. HALO cannot be that foundation for their kids without volunteers.

Part of HALO is celebrating our kids' accomplishments alongside them. Congratulations to Christopher and his hard work, and once again thank you to our volunteers for helping him get this far!


Our Jefferson City Volunteers of the Month are Red Lobster and Starbucks. Through our partnership with them, we are able to pick food up multiple times a week. The Food Donation Program is a process that encourages local stores to donate their surplus food to local, non-profit organizations that feed those in need. Businesses like these, allow our kids not to be hungry. We thank Red Lobster and Starbucks for giving us a helping hand and supporting our kids' health and growth.

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