Kansas City Volunteer Meeting Dates

Volunteering with HALO (Kansas City)

We would like to invite you to our next Volunteer Orientation or Training.

Please select the date below that works best for your schedule.

HALO Volunteer Orientations will give you more information on HALO, our mission, and the volunteer opportunities we have available. Our Orientation is not required to volunteer with us, but it's a great way to see if volunteering at HALO is a good match for you and learn more. You can also watch the Volunteer at HALO video on your own if these times don't work with your schedule. If you decide to volunteer, you will also need to attend Volunteer Training.

We encourage you to sign up for Volunteer Training if you already know you want to volunteer with HALO. This training will focus on Trauma-Informed Care and HALO policies and procedures. Volunteer Training is required for anyone that wants to volunteer with HALO.

Do you have a group that wants to volunteer with HALO?

HALO welcomes volunteer groups to make a difference in a child's life.

Church groups, corporate teams, service clubs, or other groups can volunteer at HALO, utilizing their skills and fitting the time frame for the entire group. 

If you are interested in group volunteering with HALO, contact HALO's Operations Coordinator, Christina Cummins, at (816) 472-4256 or below.

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Volunteer at a HALO Holiday Event

Clean and organize a HALO Facility

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"I have been volunteering with HALO going on 8 years now, I can hardly believe its been that long! The staff at HALO view the impact they’re having and the work they’re doing as a lifestyle. Being a volunteer that gets to have a direct impact on shaping youth alongside a staff who cares so deeply about each child who comes through their program has truly been life changing for me. Being able to see the changes in the youth that take place just from having a role model in us, and the time each week to feel like a kid is incredible. I recommend volunteering at HALO to everyone."
Olivia P.