Kelly’s 70th Anniversary Gives Back to HALO

HALO recently partnered with Kelly’s Westport Inn to celebrate its 70th Anniversary in Kansas City. They have teamed up with Stockyard Brewery to create a specialty brew called County Clare Irish Red Ale. All proceeds from the ale benefit HALO. These guys are INCREDIBLE!! In addition, they partnered with Normal Human T-shirt Company in the Crossroads to create two AWESOME shirts.

The pig County Claire Red Ale shirt ($25) is only available at special events like the upcoming Launch Party on August 31st at Kelly’s.

The second shirt ($20) is available at Kelly’s, Stockyard Brewery and HALO August 31 – October 28. The t-shirt sales also benefit HALO. Wow!

Upcoming dates to keep an eye out for:

  • Thursday, August 31 at 7 – 9 p.m.: Kelly’s County Clare Irish Red Ale Release Party. We want to PACK the house on this one. Come join us and drink beer:)
  • Friday, September 1 at 5 – 8  p.m.: Normal Human in the Crossroads (1815 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108). Giving out free beer samples and selling shirts. 
  • September 28: HALO Benefit Dinner at Stockyard Brewery. Details coming soon!
  • Friday, October 5 at 5 -8 p.m.: Normal Human in the Crossroads (1815 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108). Giving out free beer samples and selling shirts.
  • Saturday, October 28: Kelly’s Celebration Party. Details coming soon!
 We are so grateful for this partnership, helping one more child spend one less day alone.
More details just announced:

Stockyards Brewing Company has teamed up with the historic local KC bar, Kelly’s Westport Inn, to help them celebrate their 70th anniversary this year. Their location in the heart of the Historic Westport district dates back to the mid-19th century and was once a trading post owned by Albert Boone, a grandson of Daniel Boone. Travelers would stop there for provisions before heading out on westbound trails like the Santa Fe Trail.

The Kelly family hails from County Clare, Ireland so we’ve appropriately created a traditional Irish Ale to commemorate this special occasion. The base malt in this classic Irish Ale comes from the Ireland Malting company and the town of Cork, approximately 90 miles south of County Clare.

This promotional beer will run for about 2 months, kicking off at the beginning of the KC Irish Fest. The profits from this beer will benefit HALO, a non-profit organization which helps to care for and house homeless children in Kansas City and across the world. Their headquarters are located here in Kansas City, in the Livestock Exchange building, right next door to Stockyards Brewing Co.

County Clare Irish-Style Red Ale

A traditional Irish Ale brewed with Irish-grown and malted barley from the Ireland Malting Company. The sweet, candy like flavors of the crystal malts are tamed by the toasted characters of the Munich malt and the earthy flavors and aromas of English grown Golding and Challenger hops.

O.G.: 14.0 degrees Plato; 23 IBU; 5.5% ABV.


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