Kibuli Boys Home February Update

Hello from the Kibuli boys! The month started off well, with the boys sacrificing a Saturday to volunteer in their community. The boys went to a hospital for mentally ill youth to help clean the compound and surrounding area. They were joined by three other homes, creating a tighter knit HALO family! We are proud of these gentlemen for recognizing their own privilege to be in a loving home, being able to attend school and have access to health care and in turn wanting to assist others.

Later in the month Kibuli was able to recruit five new young men. These boys have been living on the streets of Kampala or in dangerous situations. These twelve and thirteen year olds have taken to the home extremely well,

Blending with the other boys easily. Some of the boys have started attending school, most in lower levels of elementary school as their families struggled to provide school fees. The counselor was able to do individual counseling sessions with the new boys, getting a better understanding of their past and setting expectations for the future.

The boys were lucky this month to experience fewer cases of Malaria and Typhoid than previous months, thanks to our nurse Wilter providing new mosquito nets. Witler was also able to install a new First Aid box in the home so each person has access to medication, Band-Aids, disinfectant and so on.

On the weekends the boys were not volunteering they attended classes at the learning center. This month the classes focused on how to make popcorn, biscuits and pizza!

In order to improve academic performance in the home a tutor has started going to Kibuli each Tuesday evening. She is focusing on primary students and English comprehension. This will hopefully improve the boys’ understanding of other subjects they are struggling with.

As always, the Kibuli boys send their gratitude for everything you do to support them!