Kicking off Leadership Life Skill With Lighthouses!


We’ve kicked off the October Life Skill “Leadership” in the Kansas City Learning Center. Throughout the month, we are teaching our kids what it means to be a leader and the little actions they can take to become one in their day-to-day lives. During one of our weekly art workshop, our kids (ages 5-17) were tasked with designing a lighthouse. Much like lighthouses that aid and guide weary travelers through darkness and stormy seas, being a leader requires taking on the role of being that light. We want to teach our kids that a leader is ultimately relied upon to take on the responsibilities of any given problem or situation.

With pencils, crayons, construction paper and glue, our kids set to work in crafting their very own lighthouses while also adding what leadership meant to them. A few of the answers they gave were being “kind, respectful, brave, honest and a team player.”

We will continue to celebrate this month by teaching the tenets of leadership that can be utilized throughout their lifetime.

You can find more examples of our kid’s amazing artwork below.