Kitchen for Kenya Update

At the first ClubHALO live Zoom meeting of 2023, HALO Founder Rebecca Welsh shared a need for major repairs in the Baraka HALO Home in Kenya.

ClubHALO Ambassador Sophie Grace and other ClubHALO members set out to raise $500 to help HALO youth in Kenya have a working and efficient kitchen.

Before picture of Baraka Home kitchen

ClubHALO members used their creativity to make jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) and sold the jewelry to friends and family, with the proceeds going to HALO. Some ClubHALO members, like Emma and friends, sold some jewelry at both the Kansas City & Jefferson City Art Auctions!

ClubHALO members also gained knowledge and advocated for HALO youth in Kenya within

With three months to raise $500, ClubHALO members showed the world that young people are ready to make a difference and fight childhood homelessness.
This compassionate group of youth reached and exceeded their goal, raising $560!

Thank You from HALO kids in Baraka Home

Current progress of Baraka Home kitchen

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