Madison’s Art Gallery

Tenacious. That’s the word Madison uses to describe her artwork and herself.

Madison has been painting and drawing since she was 3, and has continually grown as an artist. Presently, she has a collection displayed as part of the SWELL show. She calls it “Expressional Growth”, inspired by the way she has grown as a person and an artist. It’s a colorful display featuring many elements of nature. Artwork is Madison’s way of venting, an outlet for what she doesn’t talk about. To create this collection, she used mixed essential oils into her paint. It provides her a sense of calm while she’s painting.

“It’s all about finding myself. I use flowers a lot because flowers die in order to create new ones. It’s like turning over a new page in my life. It’s about growing in both my artwork and with me as a person,” Madison said.

She likes to incorporate hidden messages into her artwork. The way the paintings are hung was strategically chosen by Madison to represent a ladder. As she keeps climbing, she keeps growing. It is all representative of overcoming her fear to express herself in her artwork.

This is a display you won't want to miss. Join us on December 7th at Perennial Places and Premier Financial Partners in the Campbell Loft Building from 5:00PM-9:00PM. (1535 Walnut Street, Suite 107. Kansas City, MO 64108)