March Memories in Uganda

Wondering what the boys and girls in Uganda have been up to lately? March was filled with fun every weekend! Here’s what happened at the Bukesa, Makerere, Kibuli and Mengo homes last month:

  • First weekend: The children learned how to make some delicious pizza -a rare treat because cheese is expensive in Uganda- and who doesn’t love pizza?!
  • Second weekend: They learned how to bind books, a great skill for their futures because they could turn it into a source of income if they’re good at it.
  • Third weekend: The Bukesa, Makerere and Mengo children teamed up with the Lungujja girls to clean up the poorer areas of their community. This tied in with March’s life skill, accountability.
  • Fourth weekend: Wedding festivities! HALO celebrated the wedding of its resettlement coordinator, Molly, a former Mengo girl.

Read the details and see more pictures here: BukesaMakerere, KibuliMengo, and stay tuned for future updates from the Uganda children!

Bukesa boys

Makerere boy

Makerere boy







Kibuli boys


Mengo girls














Mengo girl