March Volunteers of the Month

HALO is rooted in love and fueled by volunteers, making it possible to support the thousands of kids in need because of our amazing HALO volunteers. Every month, HALO shouts out volunteers for the ways that they give their time and talents, helping one more child spend one less day alone.

Our Kansas City Volunteer of the Month is Valerie Morrill. Valerie is such a dedicated member of the HALO Volunteer Team! She joins HALO staff in Art & Life Skills programming every Tuesday night, creating a safe and positive space for the HALO Youth weekly. Since her first time volunteering at HALO, Valerie has bonded with the youth because of her fun and warm energy, providing unwavering encouragement for the kids and a good joke or two!

Thank you, Valerie, for showing up for children who need it the most!

Our ClubHALO Volunteers of the Month are Etta and Ruby. During the Jefferson City Art Auction, they talked with guests about HALO's mission, bringing awareness to the community about youth homelessness. From a decorated scooter talking about ClubHALO to advocating for HALO youth in Jefferson City, they raised $860, funding meals for the Boys Program for two weeks!

Thank you, Etta and Ruby, for helping kids your age have full bellies!

Our Jefferson City Volunteers of the Month are all those who helped make the Jefferson City Art Auction a success! From picking up donations from local businesses to volunteering during the event, HALO raised $350,000, providing the foundation of a family for children who need it the most!

Thank you to Alayna Howard, Beth Hofherr, Betty Sundermeyer, Chelsea Diepenbrock, Christel Daniels, Claire West, Curtis Jahr, Donell Burns, Elaine Wehnes, Emily Farney, Hannah Pond, Helene N, Justin Somers, Key Okolo, Lisa Washburn, Lovena Jahr, Madeline Skiles, Mimi A, Morgan Zimmer, Philip Keller, Ramona Huckstep, Rich Borth, Rita Kuttenkuler, Ryan Staton, Simon Williams, Susan Williams, Thatcher Perkins, Toby Skiles, Zariah Luster, and Z-Club.

Thank you to our March Volunteers of the Month!

If you want to join our HALO Volunteer Team, learn more about how you can give your time and talents in an impactful way.

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