Meet Denis and Stephen: Best friends from Gulu Boys Home

Meet Ayella Denis Wallan and Ocaya Stephen, they are both living in the Gulu boys home. They are the same age, go to the same school and they are inseparable best friends. They are disciplined, friendly, jolly, welcoming and incredibly hard working both at school and at home. They love playing football and making new friends. Because they come from similar backgrounds they have formed a deep bond and motivate each other to succeed. They are wise beyond their years and receive praise from their school and their community for their exceptional character and positive attitude.

Both boys have big dreams. Ayella Denis dreams to become a doctor in the future and Stephen dreams to become an engineer. They do well enough in school their dreams are attainable. Denis scored distinctions in all subjects during his midterm exams. Both boys scored higher than average on their overall exams, receiving accolades from their teachers and caretakers. But because they hold themselves to such high standards they were upset about their grades and left school crying. They saw themselves as failures and asked forgiveness from their caretakers in the Gulu home, promising to improve next semester- proving their academic determination. As a result the caretakers decided to award them for their good performance at school and also for being responsible and determined to improve their future. We hope the rest of the boys in the Gulu boys home will learn from them and their good example. The two received their congratulatory gift with joy and they were thankful for their family at the Gulu boys home. The caretakers would like to share that “We are sure that we already have leaders who are responsible enough to transform their community and beyond.”