Meet Joshua

Meet Joshua. Just a kid and yet serves as a glowing example of how much love can change someone's life. Before HALO, Joshua was uncertain when and where his next meal would take place. He had no school to go to and was forced to live on the street.

In 2018, Joshua was welcomed into the HALO Kibuli Home in Uganda. Here, he received shelter, regular everyday meals, and the foundation of a family of caretakers, mentors, and counselors, all readily available to watch him grow. He laughs with his friends, makes new memories, and most importantly- is shown his worth. Year by year, his progress stood out even more -until 2020.

It's easy to forget that the pandemic we have experienced has been of global disproportions. We see all the misfortune caused directly around us in our own lives but cannot begin to comprehend how that has affected other countries.  Much like the schools in the United States,  Joshua's schooling came to a pause during COVID. Even though this was very tough for Joshua, he was resilient.

Through HALO, Joshua was invited to perform and participate in a large Psycho-Social Support Form to give him the attention that he needed as an individual. As the year came to an end, he then went on to attend a camp with all his friends and mentors to celebrate the progress that each of them had made over the last year. The struggles, the changes, the hardships, but most importantly- the victories and the accomplishments.

It's been a long year for Joshua and the children of the Kibuli Home, and HALO is so proud of them as they finally get the chance to go back to school this month. Over his break, Joshua stayed committed to his studies and his reading skills that have only seemed to improve.

The advancement Joshua has shown in just four short years is enough to blow anyone away. So think of all the lives we could still touch just like his. It's your financial support in HALO that helps inspire normalcy and love for countless children all around the globe.

To help motivate more like this today, please give using the button below.  Let's be the turning point these children need. Let's change lives.