Meet Tino Quiroga: HALO’s Newest Research Ambassador!

Tino Quiroga The HALO Foundation is happy to introduce Tino Quiroga, HALO’s newest Research Ambassador now living in Guatemala. Tino is spending his time doing international research for a potential new HALO-supported home.

Ever since he was a young child, helping others and giving back has been deeply rooted in his family and upbringing. Hailing from Seattle, he has previous experience working in development, fundraising, programming and event planning and working in the nonprofit sector focused on cardiovascular disease prevention and promoting child sponsorship. He’s traveled the world, including Uganda, and has been familiar with HALO since his time abroad where he met Mary Pryse, a former HALO International Ambassador who served in Uganda. She opened Tino’s eyes to HALO’s mission and future goals.

“After meeting Mary, I was able to really dive deep into what orphan care looks like and the different types of models out there, and I was really impressed with the way HALO built that and created a family atmosphere,” Tino said. “Additionally, I was drawn to the way HALO’s mission encourages youth to build skills that allow them to create their own future and make a difference in their community.”

Tino knew HALO was a perfect fit for him (and vice versa!). Since discovering HALO, he was ready to take on the Research Ambassador position and spend at least two months in Central America. His time will mostly be spent in Guatemala doing international research to learn about existing organizations and what is already being done and what the community would look like if HALO were added into the equation. The chosen organization’s background and beliefs would align with HALO’s mission and ensure HALO would be supporting youth in the greatest need. Additionally, Tino’s beliefs align very closely with HALO’s in that he believes orphanages should provide the youth with a sense of security, community and an education. These principles are the forces guiding him in Guatemala today, as he scours for the next HALO-supported home.

Tino Quatamala

“The most important thing is to find a partnership or organization that meets HALO’s needs and works well together with HALO in a mutual partnership,” explained Tino. “Ideally, they would be extremely interested in HALO and vice versa. Most importantly, we would be doing the best things for the kids, the families and the communities.”

HALO is very excited to welcome Tino, and we wish him the best of luck in Guatemala!