Mengo Girls Home February Update

Hello from the Mengo Girls Home! This has been a great month for these ladies, with many celebrations and fun times. At the beginning of the month the girls had a secret day! They each drew names before Christmas and bought gifts for one another. The game before each person opens their gift is to pretend the gift is for another person. If they accept the gift and it was not actually for them everyone bursts out laughing. It was a wonderfully enjoyable evening full of laughter and smiles. Most of the girls received nice shoes such a flats or colorful sandals. At the end of the night everyone was enjoying a little cake and lots of hugs!

The girls were blessed this month to have very few illnesses pass through the home. Our nurse, Wilter, came to Mengo and did a talk about how to eliminate bacteria and the importance of cleanliness at home. The home also received a First Aid box to ensure everyone has access to essentials such as Band-Aids, disinfectants, medication and so on.

The girls attended classes and a special evening at the Learning Center this month. The girls learned how to make popcorn, pizza and biscuits, furiously taking notes throughout. The Center also hosted a movie night with the girls homes, showing a documentary called Girl Rising. The film shows the struggle girls around the world go through in order to get a basic education. The event resonated deeply with the girls, who opened up about their own struggles before becoming part of the HALO family.

Before the Christmas holiday some of the girls started planting a garden! Three girls planted cassava, yams and sugar cane. Sugar cane is a very popular snack here in Uganda. The girls have already enjoyed a bit of sugar cane and will need to wait a few more months for the cassava and yam to be ready.

This month we would like to specifically thank Kristen Hodge! Thanks to her the girls were able to purchase new mattresses and shelves among other necessities! The girls are incredibly thankful, Kristen!