Mengo Home Update

An update from the Mengo ladies! The ladies at Mengo Home were in the holiday mood during November after participating in a gift exchange. Each person drew the name of another girl or mentor in the home for the exchange. From there they either made a gift or found something small and meaningful to give to their person.

November began with a dedication ceremony for one of the girls, Viola. She was a candidate this year, meaning she took a national exam to determine if she would continue with school this year. Her primary school invited their mentors to join them in showing their support for the students. Viola is now finished with exams and we are hopeful her performance will allow her to continue.

In December, the girls’ weekends were full of fun activities at the learning center and around town. The girls learned about baking and were able to practice these skills with other homes. Mengo home also joined the Bukesa and Kibuli homes in a community service project. These homes went to an area of Kampala and helped to clean the neighborhood. This area is typically considered a slum. After the help of these homes, the area is more sanitary for those living there and when heavy rains fall there is a less likely chance of flooding.

The girls also had the opportunity to watch a movie with the HALO ambassador. The movie was about moving to new places and the emotions attached with those great life changes. Some of the girls opened up afterwards about how they felt moving to Mengo Home. Most of the ladies had positive things to say, although they were nervous at first. A few of the girls even talked about their fears for what would happen after they left Mengo Home even though we are confident HALO is preparing them for success. Thank you for your continued support of Mengo Home!