Mother’s Day in Uganda

We have so many incredible HALO women all over the world we want to celebrate this Mother's Day!

Check out how youth from the Kibuli and Lungujja homes said Happy Mother's Day to all of the incredible women in their lives below!




Check out how Harriet began her HALO journey:

One amazing woman we want to celebrate this Mother's Day is Harriet. Harriet is the Program Manager in Uganda. She has been involved with HALO since 2012 and has been changing lives with HALO ever since. We are so thankful she is in our youth's lives, and we can tell they are too.


“Having volunteered as a mentor with HALO at the Lungujja Girls Home in 2012 -2013, I was intrigued to dedicate my life to work with and for the most vulnerable children in my community. I worked with Urban refugee Youth and Children at Refuge and Hope International and with Refugee Children at Save the Children International in South Sudanese Response in Westnile, for me, coming back to work with HALO was only a continuation of what I had dedicated my life to. Working with HALO gave me a chance to advocate for the rights of the vulnerable children in my community and country, to devise measures for safeguarding them and to protect them from harm in their communities. My role has given me the opportunity to spearhead the team in creating a better world for children in Uganda and to fulfill my greatest passion of working with not only privileged  children, but also the most vulnerable children in my community and country.”

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