Mother’s Day – Part 1

Happy Mother's Day from our team at HALO! We believe that the foundation of a family is crucial for our HALO youth to have, and we are proud to fill that role for them. We make sure that our kids are surrounded by individuals who prioritize their safety and well-being above all else and become their HALO family.

To celebrate Mother's Day, we spoke with HALO Jefferson City Residential Supervisor, Kayla Keller about her role with HALO.

Q: What brought you to HALO and made you interested in this role?

A: I love the HALO mission. I am passionate about serving people and extending love and grace to people others often overlook. The women I get to work with every day are absolutely those people. When I learned about the work HALO does, right in my community, I wanted to help however I could! 

Q:What are your favorite things about your role with HALO?

A: I love that every day I come to work knowing that my role matters. I never have to wonder if I am doing something worthwhile when I get to see the importance of the work we do at HALO every time I step into the HALO building. 

Q: What are some of your favorite memories with the girls you work with? 

A: My favorite moments with the women of HALO happen outside the structured parts of our days. The things I love the most happen in the evenings, when everyone is home from work or school, wearing comfy clothes, preparing meals together, playing games and watching movies. Family stuff. I love getting to be a part of making those moments matter for the people who call HALO home. I think that creating opportunities for the women we work with to experience safe, fun, everyday family moments is one of our biggest successes. 

Q: What do the HALO youth mean to you? 

A: The women I serve at HALO inspire me. They have been through some of the most terrible things a person can experience, they have seen the worst of what people can do to each other, but they choose to rise above it. Because of that, they drive me to push through struggles that I think are "big things" because they are nothing compared to the big things they have made it through. They make me want to be better every day!

Q: How have you seen HALO step in to provide a foundation of a family to our HALO youth? 

A: HALO provides the foundation of a family in several ways, but my favorite is through conversations and everyday lessons. Teaching things that my family taught me, that their family never did. Things like the importance of surrounding yourself with people who care about you, not putting a metal bowl in a microwave, and how to clean a toilet. You know, the everyday things your mom taught you over your after-school snack. We get to be that voice of family for them. 

Q: If you could tell those who don’t know about the work HALO does, what would it be?

A: HALO is a place that is constantly working to do the most good for the most people. It isn't an easy task, as we often meet people who have been through some super tough stuff. But we get to be the helpers, the voice of reason, the compassion they never received. HALO is a safe place for people who haven't experienced what safety feels like. HALO cares a whole lot about people who haven't been cared for before.

Thank you for all that you do, Kayla! From giving life advice to the every day teaching moments, you are a constant light in the lives of our youth. You help our girls learn how capable and loved they truly are!

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