Mother’s Day – Part 1

Providing the foundation of family to our HALO kids, is one of our most privileged roles. We don't take our responsibility lightly, so we surround our HALO kids with the very best people. Amazing volunteers and staff members who not only help fill the role of a family, but pour out unwavering love and support to our kids daily.

In celebration of Mother's Day, we asked our very own Antwanette Talley (Residential Supervisor, HALO Jefferson City) to fill us in on her role, and what being a part of HALO has meant to her.

Q: What made you interested in this role? What keeps you passionate about it?

A: I am passionate about HALO's mission and how we help women and children who genuinely need extra help. I stay passionate about it because of the strong women I have met working at HALO.

Q:How do you and the other staff members help the girls feel like they belong at the home and are part of a family?

A: We try to make sure HALO has a home-like feel by ensuring there is always something fun going on. We love to sit down and eat lunch and dinner together and have family time every Sunday.

Q:What are you favorite moments in the house with the girls? Highlights of the week?

A: My favorite moments are those when the women we work with start to really make life changes. When they start to really feel like they matter, or see that they have value for the first time.

Q: Can you share any triumphs you've experienced with the girls?

A: Some of my favorite triumphs happen when girls experience new successes, like graduating from high school, or getting their first real job. Seeing the moments when they realize they can do things they didn't think they could ever accomplish. That makes it all worth it.

Q: What do the girls mean to you?

A: The ladies who live at HALO, and the ladies who I work with mean so much to me. They are an extension of my own family. Even when they move out, we stay in touch. We continue to celebrate their life successes together, just like families do. I am glad to be apart of their lives and make a difference.

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Thank you for all that you do, Antwanette! For celebrating the big moments but also the small. For being a helping hand and a listening ear. You help our girls feel loved, supported, and part of a family.

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