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The ripple effect

At the HALO Center, our volunteer hosts prepare for weeks leading up to our workshops that are geared toward giving youth the tools to become contributing members of their communities. Here is an example of a struggle we have had and how one person cre…

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When we really don’t want to

Self discipline – Doing something you should do when you REALLY don’t feel like it.On my flight to L.A., thinking about the lovely young woman at the terminal with whom I just had an interesting conversation. She was refreshingly curious, asking q…

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The balancing act

Balance. We all try so hard to balance work with personal goals and round ourselves out. Balance makes life better because it puts life in perspective, helps us realize that the end of the world has never been the end of the world and we aren’t able to…

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Making time for greatness

We all say it. I would love to do that, but I just don’t have the time. Have? Or make? Its getting up a half hour earlier, its turning off the TV, not being afraid of accountability, pushing ourselves just a little further, setting priorities and follo…

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The year of vibrance

I went to high school in Jefferson City, MO. Most of my family still lives there and over the holidays, I basically do too. Jeff is a quaint town with a vibrant group of people who are excited about getting involved and giving back. I had the pleasure …

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The most wonderful time of the year

Imagine 200 people in Kansas City without a home. Now imagine them without warm coats in the freezing weather. I get bent out of shape when I am cold for a few minutes walking from my car to my house. Think about being cold to the bone ALL NIGHT. These…

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The Impact of ONE

HALO was started with a group of 10 volunteers who had an extreme commitment to making a difference in lives of children in need. These individuals each took on a responsibility and assured that HALO’s potential was reached in that arena. By structuring HALO this way, we were able to support over 120 children at 4 large orphanages. This means each person was supporting 12 children with their efforts.

This is still the case today. As we have grown, it has become necessary that we have 2.5 paid employees in the HALO office since we are supporting 13 programs around the world.

Our Ambassador Board currently accounts for at least 4 full-time paid positions, which at $30,000 would be $120,000. That amount supports 5 orphanages, or 120 children. This means that the average HALO KC Volunteer Ambassador is supporting 8 children. 

Our structure sets us apart from other non-profits, which is why we are able to stretch our dollars so far. It also gives volunteers a true opportunity to make a profound impact with their skills, grow, and be part of a team or family of like-minded people committed to doing good.

Businesses are run with departments. These departments collectively make the business a success. Without accounting, bills don’t get paid. Without marketing, nobody knows what the company does.  This is why our volunteers are important. Our theory has always been if we are helping just one child, just one life, all our work is worth it. Each of our Ambassadors help us reach that one more child on the horizon.

When thinking about what a volunteer truly is to HALO, I think about the children. Our volunteers give a family to children around the world.  

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I took a hiatus from my posting as I have been reveling in the new addition to our family, Klaebel James Welsh. We adopted him 9 weeks ago and are thrilled to have him with us every minute.Motherhood has shifted my paradigm quite a bit. I have always h…

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Through my lens

Art has always been an integral part of our programming. It is a vehicle that provides healing and freedom of expression. Thanks to our volunteers, HALO Youth attended a photography workshop recently during HALO Summer Camp. Featured are a few unique p…

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Food for thought

We have all seen the recent news about the food crisis in Africa, particularly Kenya and Somaila. I recently received an email from our HALO Field Coordinator, Asiimwe Venancio, who manages our home budgets and tracks Ugandan trends. The below info fro…