November Speaker of the Month: Angie Hundley

November’s Life Skill is “Health”. HALO invited Angie Hundley to join us to speak at our monthly staff meeting. 
Where you start out does not have to be where you stay.

Angie Hundley began her life as a foster child, and that was only the first of many “bad lemons” she has had a taste of in her life. From humble beginnings, her drive and desire to be more than a statistic of the unsuccessful foster system made her make lemonade from each challenge.

She said things changed for her when she realized she had value. She went through childhood trauma but said that was a kickstart to her power of mind. To improve your mental health she suggested taking time to figure out what’s bothering you and then learning to move on.  She also suggested focusing on your goal and not dwelling on your problem. By doing these things you are working to train your brain. 

Now, she co-owns a multimillion-dollar company and has written a beautiful recipe for what to do with the sour lemons that everyone encounters in, A Recipe for Bad Lemons.

A portion of the book sales will go towards HALO. To sweeten your life and succeed, get your copy here.