October Volunteers of the Month

This fall, HALO has seen so many volunteers step up to bring stability and improvement to the entire organization.

Our October Volunteers of the Month have shown the importance of giving their time and talents and the major impact service brings to HALO Youth worldwide.

Adam and Adriana Morehead have spent hours supporting HALO with a variety of marketing designs. The most recent project that HALO has been able to expand on was the launch of the new ClubHALO website. Thanks to Adam, Adriana, and their team at Morehead Design, HALO has implemented a safe and concise track to provide kids and teens all over the world with the power to make the world a better place at ClubHALO.

Adam and Adriana advocate for the growth and improvement of HALO, seeing different ways they can implement their skills for anyone, homeless youth looking for housing or a potential partner wanting to align values, to have the best experience on our HALO website.

Joni Barnes has consistently volunteered in every aspect of our HALO Jefferson City program. Joni has supported both the HALO Girls Home and the HALO Boys Program by completing shopping needs for our teenage youth. She has also provided breakfast for HALO Youth, bringing a sense of family to the start of the day for the girls living in the HALO Home.

Joni brings her skills and talents to provide the most basic needs for HALO Youth. Through food and grocery needs, Joni brings a sense of ease to HALO Staff and Youth, knowing she is reliable and understands the importance of a good home-cooked meal.

Thank you to our October Volunteers of the Month for showing up for the entire organization of HALO by utilizing their skills and abilities in the most selfless way.

Use your time and talents to support children who need us the most by volunteering at HALO!

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