Be One More This Holiday Season

Homeless kids live every day wishing and hoping for one more. One more safe place to go, one more person to turn to, one more bed to sleep in.

Last year, one of our HALO boys had just moved out on his own. He filled out his HALO Wish List, and the one thing he really wanted was a vacuum. The night he opened his present from the HALO Family, his face absolutely lit up. Because of you, he was one more child we were able to help. A vacuum, a pair of shoes, a new backpack, these are just a few of the things you help us say yes to every day.

It is that time of year again when we are flooded with requests and wishes from our current HALO kids while raising funds to support children who will knock on our doors in 2023. In order to receive this support, they just need one more thing. You. When someone like you cares enough to donate, our kids are given a reason to hope. Your year-end gift promises one more day that a homeless child won't be alone. Thank you for your generosity.

Get Involved

Would you be willing to help make this a special holiday season for our kids? Sign up to provide the gift of a special holiday experience,  our most needed items, or a gift card for a specific holiday need.

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Be One More For Kids Like Ziere & Marjai

Sponsor A Holiday Tradition

At HALO, we provide the foundation of a family for kids without one. To us, that means being a family in the seasons that matter most. During the holiday season, we spread joy and kindness to our current youth, and alumni. We work to create positive holiday memories, and provide tangible items that our youth can use to meet their basic needs. Sponsor a holiday tradition to help make this a special holiday season for our kids.

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Areas to support

This Holiday Season, your contributions power three key areas.