Oprah’s “The Life You Want” Class on Service

"Serving another human being is the greatest privilege of this life."

- HALO Founder, Rebecca Welsh

Join Rebecca, Van Jones, Oprah, & Oprah Daily Insiders on September 13th at 6:00 pm CST/7:00 pm EST to discuss how simple and small acts of service can have a major impact on your community, mental health, and overall, wellbeing.

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People who engaged in regular volunteering saw an 8.54% increase in mental well-being and a 4.3% decrease in depression.

"The Life You Want"

Oprah provides guidance to Oprah Daily Insiders on 12 different topics in order to create a better life for you by welcoming experts to her class each month. Special guests have talked about vulnerability, connection, and other important topics.

September is the month of Service & Oprah has invited service-expertise Van Jones and HALO's Founder & CEO, Rebecca Welsh, to share their advice about adding service into your everyday life, and how you can get started giving back. 

Learn more about how volunteering and service can give you the life you want!

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Take charge of your life TODAY and choose the life you want. When you volunteer with HALO, you not only better your life, but you help one more child spend one less day alone.