Perseverance Life Skill Speaker: Alaina Meekins-Kent

HALO Volunteer Alaina Meekins-Kent joined the HALO Staff in June, sharing her perspective on Perseverance. As a dedicated community advocate with a fervent passion for mental health and cultivating joy in life, she talked with the HALO team about her story and tool kit for working on June's Life Skill.

Alaina is the visionary founder of ConSOUL Collective, a non-profit organization committed to bridging the affordability and access gap to culturally competent mental health care for young adults. She channels her advocacy spirit as a member of the Black Leadership Network Executive Board. She loves to share her expertise by teaching marketing and social media literacy skills to small and aspiring business owners. Through her multifaceted endeavors, Alaina is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in both her community and professional spheres.

At the start of the discussion, Alaina explained where the word "perseverance" originated. The Latin translation is to persist in a methodical way despite obstacles or challenges—that is, perseverance. The team shared our own descriptions of perseverance, and Alaina guided the conversation, making it a great start to June.

"Give yourself grace to try again to do better and better", Alaina shared. She emphasized the art of Kintsugi, where you join broken pieces together with gold. This illustration touched on her journey in starting her non-profit organization after the loss of a loved one. "Perseverance always pays off, especially when you embrace your journey."

A huge takeaway was that it's not about the end goal; it's about the steps and attitude you had to get there. Especially for our HALO youth, our staff are examples for the kids of how we persevere when something is hard: "Do it scared, but get it done."

Thank you, Alaina, for talking with the HALO Staff about your perspective and tool kit to help us with June's Life Skill: Perseverance!

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