Professional Artist and Kansas City Native Inspires HALO Children at Explore Workshop

During the last week of March, HALO welcomed professional artist and Kansas City native Jaime Sanchez for an Explore Workshop, giving HALO children a unique opportunity to explore possible passions and careers in art.

Like many of our HALO children, Mr. Sanchez grew up in a rough neighborhood and faced his fair share of difficult circumstances. After 30 years of experience as a multimedia director for Hallmark Cards, he now owns his own consulting firm for creative agencies.  His success exemplifies how art can serve as an expressive tool to get through hard times as well as the foundation of a prosperous career – inspiring our HALO children.

Mr. Sanchez discussed how a passion for art can lead to successful careers in the movie, music, publication and marketing industries.

As he shared his portfolio and experiences in school and the professional world with the group, our children proudly shared their experiences and photographs of their own artwork.

After showing a piece that represented the death of his best friend who passed away in a fight, Mr. Sanchez passionately encouraged our children that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible. He assured our children that if a kid like him can create a path that not only secured him financially, but also allowed him to explore and develop his passion, they can too.

Thank you, Mr. Sanchez, for inspiring and encouraging HALO children to color their dreams.

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