Our HALO youth continuously amaze us with their determination and resiliency in life after so many of them face intense hardships and struggles. We are proud to highlight the story of Rebecca, a 15-year-old girl from the Oyam district in Northern Uganda, in East Africa who has shown exactly what it means to stay determined. 

Rebecca is the oldest of six children, meaning she took on many responsibilities from a young age. Through community outreach opportunities, her family was recognized as one which required different needs and aid leading Rebecca to find HALO. Rebecca was welcomed into the home environment at HALO, which gave her the opportunity to further her education in an environment that led to a positive character transformation. 

How mentorship in the home transformed Rebecca’s life:

Rebecca found an opportunity for mentorship at HALO’s Lungujja Girl’s Home which equipped her with essential life management skills. 

Her mentors say that Rebecca shows great interest in her studies and continues to perform well in her classes and is expected to score in the top of her grade in Primary Examinations this year. Rebecca is equally hardworking and exudes maturity, which is exactly why her mentors made her the “Deborah Care Group Mother” in the home.

Those who know Rebecca speak to her newly developed confidence and boldness that leads her to actively participate in the Girl’s Home activities such as daily fellowships, house work, readings, and more! When she came to the home three years ago, Rebecca only spoke her native language of “Langi” fluently, but has since improved on both her spoken and written English.

Rebecca also says that the fellowships at the home have empowered her and helped to grow her spiritual life.

We are so inspired by Rebecca's personal growth journey and the confidence she has that allows her to see herself as the incredible young girl that so many know her to be. 

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