Reflecting on the 2013 Independent Swag Fashion Show (Part 1)

We interviewed two guests who attended last year’s Independent Swag Fashion Show. In this blog, Leena Phadke Fry, secretary on our Executive Board, shares her experience at the Kansas City fashion show. Read what she had to say about this amazing event, and why you need to attend this year’s Fashion Show on August 8.



“I attended last year’s fashion show and absolutely loved it.  I enjoyed seeing all
of our youth learn to exude confidence and enjoy being in the spotlight.
I loved the performance of Same Love.

If you are interested in fashion, supporting KC’s youth, socializing with your friends,
and being entertained, I would absolutely recommend attending this event.

swag 2

The Fashion Show was very moving. I am not a crier, and I teared up seeing our HALO youth feel empowered enough to take the stage and feel comfortable enough in their own skin to work the runway, pose for photos, smile at the audience, and light up the room.

I’m not sure I would have the confidence to do all of that—certainly not at that young age. The Fashion Show is an event that allows HALO youth to show off their skills, their personalities, and their creativity. It is an opportunity for kids who might not always get a lot of positive attention to be in the spotlight and know that they have something of value to share.






I am definitely going to attend this year’s fashion show.  Every year it seems the HALO volunteers and staff take the event to a new level.  I can’t wait to see the designs, the models, and the performances, and to be a part of the sheer joy that permeates the entire event.”


Want to join Leena at this year’s Fashion Show? Purchase tickets now.