Reflecting on the 2013 Independent Swag Fashion Show (Part 2)

We interviewed two guests who attended last year’s Independent Swag Fashion Show. In this blog, Sara Camiscioni, HALO volunteer, shares her experience at the Kansas City fashion show. Read what she had to say about this amazing event, and why you need to attend this year’s Fashion Show on August 8.



“I thoroughly enjoyed the Fashion Show last year. It was the first major event for HALO that I attended and volunteered.

From the moment I arrived, there was an air of excitement and positivity, from the staff, volunteers and youth. Once guests started to arrive, the love and support for HALO youth could be felt and the energy was palpable.

What makes this event special is the kids. Here, guests, volunteers and everyone attending, get the chance to directly interact with and see the positive impact HALO has in their lives: the kids carry themselves with pride and confidence across the stage, faces beaming with smiles. This is their time to show off their hard work in creating their outfits, and exude the self-confidence, self respect and determination that is in all ofthem.



Not only could you see the emotions, you could feel them throughout the room. Everyone in the room is passionately committed to seeing these kids succeed, and the community comes together to support them at this event. What brought me the most joy watching the Fashion show was seeing the kids relax and enjoy themselves, seeing how their faces lit up when they walked on stage to applause and cheering, seeing how when shown love and support, these children flourish. When HALO youth Damien performed a song, I got chills. He sang with such confidence and vulnerability, it was like I glimpsed some of the hardships he experienced in his melodic expression of self DSC_0360acceptance and love. I was hooked. I remember approaching HALO Director of Operations Nicole Gerken after the event and saying, “Whatever else HALO is doing, I need to be a part of it.” I could tell the hearts of the staff and volunteers were poured into this event, and the youth, and I was ready to commit my heart to them, too!


Being a part of the collective energy in the room that night was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had and it inspired me to get deeply involved with the foundation through volunteering.  I now live in Denver and plan to fly back to Kansas City for the sole purpose of volunteering and attending this event. If you are looking to volunteer in Kansas City and don’t know where to start or what organization to give your time to, come to this event and see how HALO impacts the lives of Kansas City youth, and your search will be over.”


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