Respect Round Robin

Fairfax Alternative High School partners with HALO so that its students can receive a portion of their art credit for graduation, while also working on life skills. Fairfax explores the life skill respect in March. During the second workshop of the month, students, HALO staff and volunteers participated in respect round robin. Everyone was instructed to draw a symbol that meant something to them or something they respected. One youth chose to draw a necklace his mother had given him, another youth drew a heart with music, and yet another drew something that reminded him of his grandfather. They passed the drawn symbols to the person to their right and they shaded the symbol and wrote words that had to do with the symbol and respect. They passed the artwork again in the same direction and used bright colors to color in the symbol. The artwork was passed multiple times and multiple people put their own touches into it. Everyone respected each person’s symbol and treated it with care once it was their turn to decorate it. The artwork was returned to the owner with colorful words and shading done by their peers! At the end of the workshop once everyone shared their artwork, one of the Fairfax students said, “I love you guys,” which made everyone laugh and brought the group together. Fairfax will have three more workshops before their school year ends. For more information on volunteering and other HALO needs, please contact

Check out these beautiful pieces of art that Fairfax students and HALO staff and volunteers created!